Pre-Thread Drilling Made Easy with DrillMeister’s New Modular Drilling Heads with Chamfering Inserts

Iwaki, March 2024— Tungaloy has expanded its DrillMeister exchangeable-head drilling tool system by adding ten new modular drill bodies with chamfering inserts with a TungFlex connection.

Incorporating the performance of a solid carbide drill with the efficiency of an indexable insert drill, DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill is now offering modular drills with chamfering inserts that enable drilling and chamfering in a single operation. These new drills enable improved machining efficiency and offer versatility in operations like pre-thread drilling. Conventionally, this process requires either two separate tools—a drill and a chamfering tool—or a specially designed combination tool with integrated drilling and chamfering features. The new modular drills come with a TungFlex connection. Thanks to modular tooling concept, it is possible to build an optimized and tailored drill assembly for a specific application using just standard items.

The new modular drills are designed to produce M8 to M18 ISO M standard pre-threads holes in diameters from 6.5 mm to 15.9 mm (from .256″ to .626″). For through-hole drilling, the drills are available with two different step sizes: 25 mm (.984″) or 40 mm (1.575″), representing the distance from the drill corners to the chamfering edge.

The new modular body can hold all five styles of standard DrillMeister drilling heads, allowing greater flexibility for optimum performance across various materials and applications. The chamfering edges use our standard AOMT06 double-edged inserts with chipbreaker for excellent chip control and better cost-per-edge economy.

Product information
No. 412S12-G (Metric)
DrillMeister / AddMeisterDrill