DrillMeister DMC Drill Head Covers 8.0-9.9 mm Diameters

Iwaki, May 2020 — Tungaloy’s DrillMeister line of changeable-head drills now covers diameter ranges from 8.0 to 9.9 mm.

DrillMeister incorporates a unique self-locking interface that enables simple and secure drill head exchange. Since drill heads can be replaced without having to remove the drill body from the spindle tool setup time can significantly be reduced, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch off of the replaced tool.

The additions are made to the popular DMC style drill head line. This drill head features a self-centering chisel edge geometry that eliminates the need for pilot holes even for a drill with a large length-to-diameter ratio of up to 12xD. This self-centering capability enables accurate diameters and circularity of hole. In addition, the DMC drill head features a double margin design that stabilize the drill during drilling processes, improving the hole’s surface finish quality and straightness.

The DMC drill head is available in AH9130. Dedicated for drilling, AH9130 is a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three distinctive layers. This coating configuration adds multifunctional characteristics to the grade, including wear, fracture, and oxidation resistances, as well as eliminating built-up edge and delamination, providing all characteristics required for the grade to enable long and predictable tool life in drilling operations.


At a Glance:

  • Drill head diameters: ø8.0 mm – ø9.9 mm (in 0.1 mm increments)
  • Self-centering for smooth entry, providing rounder and straighter holes in accurate diameters
  • Double margin drill head for better surface integrity
  • No need for pilot holes for drilling up to 12xD
  • Introducing 20 new drill heads