A wide range of indexable drills for various applications

Twisted coolant hole in the drill body provides excellent chip evacuation and surface finish

Applications & Features

DrillingCoolant hole

1. Rich line-up of drills and Suitable for various applications

  • Drill diameter: ø12.5 – ø 54.0 mm
  • L/D = 2, 3, 4, 5

A wide variety of chipbreakers and grades offers high versatility.

2. Excellent chip evacuation

Coolant hole increases coolant flow by 1.5 times, which improves chip evacuation, resulting in excellent surface finish.

3. TungDrillBig

Drill body with adjustable cartridge covers hole diameter ranges from: øDc: ø55 mm – ø80 mm, L/D = 2.5

  • Highly rigid body and optimized insert position

    Provides well balanced cutting forces and stable machining conditions for highly accurate hole making.

  • Adjustable tool diameter

    TungDrillBig features 5 drill body sizes that can accommodate a range of setting plates covering a diameter range from ø55 mm – ø80 mm.

  • Variety of design options

    TungDrillTwisted and TungDrill-Six type cartridges can be affixed to the same body.

Inserts & Grades

TungdrillTwisted Inserts

XPMT-DJ / -DS / -DW / -DG

Inserts for Chamfering Ring


Inserts for chamfering tool TDXCF

Main Grades



  • P15 – P35 / K10 – K25
  • High wear resistance
  • Suitable for drilling steel and cast iron at high speed



  • M25 – M35 / S15 – S30
  • High fracture resistance
  • Suitable for drilling stainless steel and heat-resistant alloy under general cutting conditions



  • P25 – P40 / M25 – M40 / K25 – K40
  • High chipping and fracture resistance
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel, and cast iron

Drill bodies & Related tools

Drill Bodies

TDX-F (ø12.5 – ø54 mm)

Indexable insert drills, Flat cotter

Drill Bodies

TDB (ø55 – ø80 mm)

Diameter adjustable with setting plate

Cartridge set

TDXCA (ø55 – ø80 mm)

With setting plate

Drill Bodies


Indexable insert drills with “TungCap” Exchangeable Shanks

Chamfering Ring


Added on coaxial of the drill body

Practical examples

Part: Pinion
Material: SCM435 / 34CrMo4
Drill: TDX185F25-2
Insert: XPMT06X308R-DW
Grade: AH9030
Cutting conditions: Vc = 160 (m/min)
f = 0.11 (mm/rev)
Vf = 300 (mm/min)
H = 18 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: NC lathe
Part: York
Material: S33C
Drill: TDX200F25-3
Insert: XPMT06X308R-DJ
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 138 (m/min)
f = 0.06 (mm/rev)
Vf = 132 (mm/min)
H = 25 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Special-purpose machine
Part: Connecting rod
Material: S55C
Drill: TDX200F25-3
Insert: XPMT06X308R-DW
Grade: AH725
Cutting conditions: Vc = 90 (m/min)
f = 0.06 (mm/rev)
Vf = 86 (mm/min)
H = 22 (mm)
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Special-purpose machine

Standard cutting conditions

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