Tungaloy’s AH8015 Grade Inserts Enable Efficient BTA Drilling of Difficult Materials

Iwaki, December 2019 — Tungaloy is expanding its Unidex line of indexable BTA drill heads to include AH8015 grade inserts.

Unidex is a popular line of BTA drill heads for hole diameters from 38 mm and larger with extreme depth-to-diameter ratios. The line is now offering AH8015 grade inserts optimal for machining difficult-to-cut materials. These large diameter BTA drills are often used in deep hole processes of aircraft landing gears as well as oil country tubular goods (OCTG) components. These latest components are made of duplex stainless steels and other heat-resistant superalloys. The AH8015 grade consists of a nano-structured multilayer PVD coating with high aluminum content, in combination with its strong adhesion to substrate, provides impressive wear resistance, longer tool life, and improved predictability in the machining of difficult-to-machine materials.

  • At a Glance
    • BTA drilling tool for drilling deep holes
    • Inserts are available in AH8015 grade for improved predictability in difficult materials
    • High-aluminum content nano-multilayer PVD coating provides impressive wear resistance, longer tool life, and improved predictability.
    • Total of 11 inserts to be added in this expansion