Tungaloy Adds Left-Handed Type to TungCap Adapters for Square Shank Tools

Compatible with a Wide Range of Multi-Tasking Machines

Iwaki, Japan, June 24, 2024 – Tungaloy Corporation (President: Satoshi Kinoshita, Headquarters: Iwaki, Fukushima) announces the addition of a left-handed type to its ISO 26623-1 compatible polygonal coupling tooling sytem „TungCap“ for square shank tools, designated as C6ASHR/L-HPMC.

The TungCap series is an ISO 26623-1 compatible polygonal coupling tooling system that ensures high clamping rigidity through dual-contact at the taper and flange face. This system improves centering function by evenly distributing cutting torque during operations due to the polygonal coupling. Covering sizes from C3 to C8, the TungCap series offers a wide range of holders from turning tools to rotating tool holders.

The newly added left-handed type adapter, ASHR/L-HPMC, holds standard 25×25 mm square shank tools. The adapter features connection holes for coolant supply on the tool seating surface, allowing for hose-free connection with square shank tools with internal coolant channel. Additionally, the adapter is designed with a maximum outer diameter of 90 mm to avoid interference with adjacent tools in the magazine.

With this addition, the TungCap series can now be used in a wider range of multi-tasking machines, significantly contributing to productivity improvements for our customers.

Product information
No. 410S3-G (Metric)