TetraMini-Cut TCF18 Insert Enables Face Grooving from 6 mm Minimum Diameter

Iwaki, May 2021 — Tungaloy has added TCF18 inserts and toolholders to its TetraMini-Cut grooving tool series, which now enables face grooving from 6 mm minimum diameter.

The TetraMini-Cut insert comes in a compact and unique profile with cost-efficient, four cutting edges. Its innovative insert clamping ensures high repeatability, accuracy and tool life predictability providing process security in various grooving and threading operations. TetraMini-Cut also offers a coolant-through toolholder option that eliminates chip packing, providing efficient grooving operations.

The new TCF18 insert is developed to face groove from 6 mm (.236″) minimum diameter with groove width from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm (.020″ to .098″) and depth of up to 3 mm (.118″). With innovative and secure insert clamping, the insert boasts excellent cutting edge repeatability providing process reliability during small-diameter face grooving operations; not to mention, its cost efficiency of four edged geometry. The new TCF18 inserts can also be used with existing TetraMini-Cut toolholders. Total of five TCF18 inserts have been added.

The new face grooving toolholders include eight JS-STCFL18 round shank holders and four STCFVR-18 square shank holders, both of which are designed for Swiss applications.

Product information
No. 416S2-G (Metric)