Tungaloy’s TetraMini-Cut Includes Full-Radius Profiling Inserts

Iwaki, February 2021 — Tungaloy’s TetraMini-Cut series now includes full-radius TCG inserts, enhancing its high precision grooving and profiling capabilities. 

The new full-radius TCG inserts offer six standard cutting widths of 1.0 mm (0.5 mm radius), 2.0 mm (1.0 mm radius), and 3.0 mm (1.5 mm radius) and imperial sizes 1/16″ (1/32″ radius), 3/32″ (3/64″ radius), and 1/8″ (1/16″ radius). Each insert size comes in right- and left-handed versions. The new full-radius inserts provide TetraMini-Cut with the ability to cut round grooves and corners, to profile curved surfaces and undercutting of small/miniature parts. 

TetraMini-Cut incorporates a uniquely shaped four-edged insert and unique insert clamping and supporting design. This guarantees secure insert fixation when screw-clamped in the insert pocket, providing accurate cutting point repeatability and tool reliability. The grooving insert and threading insert are interchangeable on the same TetraMini-Cut toolholder. In addition, the toolholders are also available with TungTurn-Jet through-coolant technology, which effectively delivers coolant jets to the cutting zone when the tool is fed deep into a workpiece, providing optimal chip control and process security. 

Product information
No. 416S1-G