ReamMeister Exchangeable-Head Reamers Offers 10 and 11 mm Diameter Heads

Iwaki, January 2024— ReamMeister exchangeable-head reaming system is now offering 10 mm (.394″) and 11 mm (.433″) diameter reamers.

Precision and reliability are essential for a modern exchangeable-head system for reaming. Tungaloy’s high-performance ReamMeister exchangeable-head reamer system meet all these needs to perfection. With the use of a unique bayonet screw for connecting the reamer head and the shank, the system features an extremely precise and easy-to-use coupling. This provides best possible repeating accuracy and minimum radial runout, while allowing quick and simple tool changes, lending itself to reaming applications of H7 hole tolerance range. Thanks to the exchangeable-head concept, the tool changeover time can significantly be shortened, minimizing costly machine downtime. In addition, since there is no need for regrinding and recoating, you can always use a new optimized reaming head for predictable tool life. The reamer heads are available in AS and BL styles. AS style is developed for blind hole applications and features straight flutes with a 45° engagement angle. While BL style is suited for reaming through-holes and integrates left-hand spiral flutes with a 25° engagement. The reamers cover the 11.5 to 32.0 mm (.453″ to 1.260″) diameter range.

With the new 10.0 and 11.0 mm diameter reamer heads, ReamMeister can now address the 10.0 to 11.499 mm (.394″ to .453″) diameter range. The system integrates a self-clamping method in which the reaming head is secured in the shank as tightening of the head causes elastic deformation of the adjoining contact area of the shank section, in a radial direction. This ensures minimum radial runout while allowing easy handling. The new heads come in AS and BL styles as well with through coolant supply, which directs coolant to the optimal position close to the cutting zone for effective chip removal and material cooling. The new heads are available in versatile AH725 grade which enables high speed machining in various material groups. Aside from standard 10 and 11 mm heads, special reamer diameters can also be supplied upon request, customized to specific customers’ needs.

Product information
No. 530-G (Metric)