FixRMill Round Insert Profile Milling Cutters to Include Inserts in Sizes 10 and 16

Iwaki, May 2024— Tungaloy has expanded its FixRMill profile milling cutter line with new RQMT10T3EN and RQMT1605EN round inserts along with associated cutter bodies.

FixRMill round insert profile milling cutter line brings with it significant benefits for machining curved surfaces of die and mold sets. It is a typical phenomenon for a round insert cutter, commonly referred to as a “button cutter”, that the inserts often rotate in the cutter body pockets during profiling operations. This causes loose insert clamping screws, resulting in generating a poor surface finish. The FixRMill inserts incorporate notches on the insert bottom that aligns with the matching notches on the cutter body pockets. This feature not only keeps the inserts securely locked in place, preventing the inserts from rotating during machining. This intuitive mounting also enables all operators to use fast, easy, and exact insert indexing, ensuring all cutting edges are used. Depending on desired depths-of-cut and insert sizes, the FixRMill inserts index three, four, six, or eight times, where competitors may provide two, three, five, or six edges.

In addition to RQMT1204EN inserts with 6.0 mm nose radius, Tungaloy is now introducing two new round inserts: RQMT10T3EN.. inserts with 5.0 mm nose radius and RQMT1605EN.. inserts with 8.0 mm nose radius. Each of these inserts offers two indexing options: Type C8 inserts, designated as RQMT10T3ENC8 or RQMT1605ENC8, allows up to eight indexings, while Type C6 inserts, designated as RQMT10T3ENC6 or RQMT1605ENC6, up to six indexings. All the inserts incorporate -MM chipbreaker that provides a sharp and strong cutting edge, allowing reliability during profile milling with aggressive cutting depths. The inserts are offered in two grades: versatile AH3135 and AH8015 for extended tool life in exotic materials.

The cutter bodies are available in a shell mill (bore), cylindrical, and modular styles, covering diameters from 32 mm (1.260″) to 80 mm (3.150″).

With these additions, the FixRMill line is now offering 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm, and 8.0 mm nose radii and is able to address the needs for a wide range of corner radius requirements, enabling users in various industries to achieve higher efficiency and lower machining costs for 3D curved surfaces.

Product information
No. 418S2-G (Metric)