Tungaloy’s DoPent Face Mill Products Enhance Productivity with New Grades and Large Diameter Cutters

Iwaki, September 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded its DoPent line of face milling cutters by adding new grades and large diameter cutters.

DoPent is a line of face milling cutters that allows productivity gains in all materials. The cutter incorporates pentagonal double-sided inserts with 10 effective cutting edges. The neutral geometry of the insert, PNxU0905GNEN-MJ, allows use with either the right- or left-hand cutter, simplifying the tool setup process. This makes DoPent an ideal solution for duplex milling applications where the workpiece is machined with two simultaneous spindles.

All DoPent inserts feature a large rake angle and strong insert body that are optimally designed to reduce cutting forces on the insert’s rake and flank side by up to 30% and axial cutting force by up to 50%, ensuring light cutting actions and machining stability.

New cutter diameter additions include 200 mm, 250 mm, and 315 mm to the existing metric range of 32 – 160 mm and 8″ and 10″ diameters to the current 2″- 6″ imperial range. These additions will improve efficiency with reduced number of cutter passes when machining large-sized components.

Three new grades have been added to the line: AH3225 is a PVD-coated grade for steel milling with superior wear resistance and good coating substrate adhesion for long and predictable tool life; AH8015 features nano-multilayer coating with high aluminum content which provides the coating surface with extreme hardness and resistance to wear, built-up edge, and edge chipping, making the grade perfect for milling ISO-H materials; and NS740 is an uncoated cermet grade for steel finishing applications with excellent ability to prevent built-up edge — a perfect grade where mirror-finish, high surface integrity is required.

These additions will further enhance DoPent’s capabilities in such applications as general engineering, die and mold, automotive, shipbuilding, heavy equipment, and power generation.


Product information

No. 372S1-G (Metric)