Introducing: The Custom T-Slot Head Automatic Drawing System for TungMeister Series!

This groundbreaking platform dramatically shortens the design process for custom T-slot heads, offering a more flexible and efficient drawing process.

Access Tungaloy´s Drawing Generator for TungMeister Special T-Slot Head here:

Benefits for TungMeitser T-slot

Enhanced Efficiency: T-slot machining offers higher productivity compared to slot machining with end mills, especially for slots narrower than 5mm.

Versatile Head and Shank Options: The TungMeister system offers flexible combinations of diameters and lengths to match specific machining needs.

Superior Rigidity: Applying bigger shank diameters reduce chatter vibration, ideal for slot machining.

Cost Efficiency: TungMeister heads are more economical than brazed or solid tools, particularly for larger diameters.

Key Features of the Platform

Accessible Anywhere: The platform is available 24/7 on PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Fast Drawing: Custom T-slot head conceptual drawings can be created in just a few clicks.

PDF Download: The created drawings can be downloaded and shared in PDF format easily.

Try out Tungaloy´s Drawing Generator for TungMeister Special T-Slot Head now:

Tungaloy has developed this new platform with our customers in mind, ensuring it’s user-friendly for quick and easy support whenever they need it. That’s Tungaloy’s commitment to our customers