Drawing Generator for TungMeister Special T-Slot Head

By entering the required tool information for each item, you can create a simplified drawing of the TungMeister Special T-Slot Head.

Product Line:TungMeister


1.Tool Dimensions*

Cutting width*

Input range : 1.0mm~15.7mm

Tool diameter*

Input range : mm~35.4mm

Maximum grooving depth (CDX)*

Input range : 0.01mm~mm

2.Edge Geometry*

The number of flutes*

6flute (Staggered) : 3 Effective tooth

R shape*

Full radius can be selected for groove widths of 1.5mm or more.
Full radius can only select corner R.

Corner radius*

3.Other Information

Workpiece material

20 characters maximum

Part name

20 characters maximum


50 characters maximum
*Mandatory fields Input Units : Metric

This is a conceptual drawing, and the specifications of the final product may vary. Please share this drawing with your Tungaloy sales representative to confirm the actual specifications of the final product and to receive a quotation.