Tungaloy’s Y-Pro Offers AH8015 Insert Grade for Efficient Profiling of HRSAs

Iwaki, July 2020 — Tungaloy has added AH8015 insert grade to its popular Y-Pro series turning inserts with two 25° corners to enhance its ability of machining heat resistant superalloys (HRSAs), as well as various grades of steel and stainless steel.

Y-Pro series features an innovative cutting edge design with two 25° corners, a shape similar to that of regular V inserts with 35° corners but only narrower, that minimizes interferences with the workpiece to enable all-directional cutting during profiling, undercutting, v- grooving, and tapering.

Two types of standard geometries are available: -ZF for finish turning processes and -ZM for medium to finish turning applications. Both geometries feature cutting edges with an optimized inclination angle and chipbreaker design that deliver reliable chip evacuation; unwanted chip entanglement or chip nests inside the machine are, therefore, no longer a concern.

Developed as a PVD coated grade for machining HRSAs, AH8015 coating exhibits excellent wear resistance and adhesion with the dedicated carbide substrate with high fracture toughness, providing the grade with optimal cutting edge integrity, long tool life and security during challenging machining of HRSAs.

The new inserts are offered in -ZF and -ZM geometries in either a double-sided negative style or light-cutting positive style. Total of 12 items are added in this expansion.

Product information
No. 369S1-G