Tungaloy Expands Its Range of TinyMini-Turn Solid Carbide Mini Boring Bar Series

Iwaki, November 2021 — Tungaloy has expanded its TinyMini-Turn solid carbide mini boring bar series by adding SH725 PVD coated grade. Also introduced are indexable boring bars that can carry existing E-shape rhombic inserts for best production economy in mini boring applications.

TinyMini-Turn consists of solid carbide mini boring bars and dedicated sleeves, designed for high precision internal boring, grooving, and threading applications in extremely small diameters as small as 0.6 mm (0.024″).

The series’ solid carbide boring bars now include SH725, a PVD-coated grade optimized for small part machining. Featuring an excellent carbide-coating adherence, SH725 provides a good balance of wear and edge-chipping resistance, ensuring superior edge-line security for long and predictable tool life.

In addition, when used with existing JBBS-4N sleeves, superior chip control is possible by four streams of coolant jets directed precisely to the cutting point for improved tool life and chip evacuation.

Another new feature to TinyMini-Turn, new indexable boring bars can be assembled with standard TinyMini-Turn sleeves. The indexable boring bars take existing EPG.03X1.. or EPG.0401.. inserts, making boring down to 5 mm (.197″) diameter possible. These through-coolant capable boring bars provides superior chip control and evacuation when used with appropriate chipbreakers.

Seven new indexable boring bars are available in either SEXPR style in lengths of 3xD, 4xD, or 5xD for standard boring applications or SEZPR style in 3xD or 5xD designed specifically for pulling cut, in either steel or carbide shank.

These new indexable boring bars allows the use of latest geometries and various coated and uncoated carbide grades, as well as cermet, CBN, and PCD grades in a wide range of mini boring applications for maximum productivity and production economy.

The TinyMini-Turn series —
TinyMini-Turn solid carbide mini boring bars feature excellent edge-line security that is achieved by the applications of advanced edge grinding and coated surface smoothing technologies. This provides close tolerance and high part quality, as well as long and predictable tool life, in mini boring applications.
The TinyMini-Turn series is designed for high precision in internal turning, profiling, chamfering, threading, and grooving operations. Superb tool designs and a broad product lineup bring maximum productivity in small parts machining.


Product information
Expansion: grade SH725 and indexable toolholder_No.402S2-G