New TinyMiniTurnMulti Solid Carbide Combination Tools Boost Productivity in Small Parts Machining

Iwaki, April 2024 — Discover how you can boost productivity in your small parts machining with Tungaloy’s latest TinyMiniTurnMulti solid carbide combination tools.

Whether it’s drilling 3-7 mm diameter holes, turning inside, outside, face, or chamfering, the TinyMiniTurnMulti can combine all these tasks into a single operation, enabling machine shops to perform them seamlessly without changing tools. The new TinyMiniTurnMulti solid carbide combination tools incorporate innovative features. The tool body features an optimized flute design that promotes smooth chip evacuation without sacrificing tool stiffness, while three strategically positioned coolant grooves on the shank body ensure an ample supply of cutting fluid to an optimal position extremely close to the cutting edges. Furthermore, the unique tool tip geometry allows for achieving a flat bottom surface.

When combined with the existing TinyMiniTurn JBBS-4N tool sleeve, which features four coolant holes on the periphery, the TinyMiniTurnMulti can supply coolant to the cutting edge even more effectively, ensuring an extremely secure process.

The PVD coated SH725 grade insert features sharp cutting edges, enabling it to produce high-quality machined surfaces over extended periods of time. With an extremely wear- and built-up-edge-resistant PVD coating combined with a chipping-resistant carbide substrate, SH725 provides the insert with reliability and ensures a long tool life.

The new TinyMiniTurnMulti solid carbide combination tools satisfy the desire of end users to reduce tooling inventory and the associated costs while maximizing machine tool utilization with limited tool positions. Additionally, the TinyMiniTurnMulti reduces non-cutting times and, therefore, increases productivity by combining a drilling and turning tool applicable in making complex shapes at a go.

Product information
No. 565-G (Metric)