SH7025 PVD Grade Inserts Improve Small Part Machining Performance

Iwaki, December 2023 — Experience Tungaloy’s latest development: SH7025 PVD-coated grade inserts designed specifically for small part turning.

Efficiently machine small and miniature parts, achieving superior surface finish and predictable tool life with Tungaloy’s new SH7025 PVD-coated grade turning inserts. Its fine-grain columnar TiCN coating provides the grade with an optimized balance of wear and fracture resistance. This benefits all users involved in processes where insert tool life is determined based on the degradation of part dimensions and surface qualities. Furthermore, increase tool life with a combination of columnar TiCN coating and multilayer TiAlN coating significantly, while reducing wear progression or fracture. The inserts are all gold-finished, allowing operators to easily identify a used edge or edge wear in dimly lit workshops.

Discover superior chip breaking performance with the -JP and -JS geometry inserts. The first-choice chipbreaker, the -JP offers excellent chip breaking required in high precision finishing operations, while the -JS provides consistent and effective chip control in a wide range of cutting parameters thanks to its large inclination angle of the cutting edge and optimized chipbreaker geometry.

Total of 173 new inserts have been launched.

Product information
No. 561-G (Metric)