Latest J-Series Turning Tool System from Tungaloy Improves Productivity in Swiss Turning

Iwaki, November 2020 — Tungaloy has unveiled a revolutionary J-Series turning tool system featuring exchangeable cutting heads to boost productivity on Swiss-type sliding headstock machines.

Changing inserts in a Swiss machine is a laborious job. The machine must be stopped for an extended amount of time for the operator to change out the tiny screws and inserts in the tight machining chamber.

This new J-Series turning tool system features modular cutting heads that allow flexible tooling without having to remove the entire shank from the tool post. This feature enables easy and quick insert exchange, while also ensuring accurate cutting-point repeatability. In addition, since all cutting heads are designed to the identical size, the replaced tool will not require an overhang adjustment, allowing an immediate re-start of machining with reduced machine downtime.

The J-Series offers a range of modular cutting heads and matching shanks, including cutting heads for OD turning that can accommodate either single-sided positive ISO inserts or double-sided positive MiniForce-Turn inserts, in addition to cutting heads for back-turning operation and grooving operation. Cutting heads with high pressure through-coolant capability (CHP) are also available as standard for added chip control and tool life. The toolholders come in a shank size of 12 x 12 mm (0.5″x0.5″) in two length options of 65 mm or 100 mm (2.56″ or 3.94″). Shanks with the CHP adaptability are also in stock ready to ship.

The J-Series turning tool system is Tungaloy’s latest solution for manufacturers seeking to maximize productivity of small and miniature parts typically found in automotive, medical and information technology sectors.

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