DuoJust-Cut Offers 0.6- and 0.8 mm Width Inserts

Iwaki, December 2021 — Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its DuoJust-Cut parting, grooving, and threading tool line with 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm width parting inserts.

DuoJust-Cut features an innovative insert clamping system that provides insert rigidity for superior parting, grooving, and threading operations performed predominantly on Swiss-type machines.

New parting inserts are offered in the JXPS style : a 0.6 mm (.024″) width insert is designed for maximum parting diameter (CUTDIA) of 6 mm (.236″) and a 0.8 mm (.031″) width insert for 12 mm (.472″) CUTDIA, both furnished with pressed chipbreaker. This intricate chipbreaker creates optimally compressed and curled chips, allowing excellent chip evacuation and superior surface finish. Also, having the thinnest insert width that is commercially available on the market, the inserts remove the least amount of material necessary in every parting process. This helps save material waste for reduced machining costs.

New pressed-in chipbreaker

Quality finish with no scratch on surface

Conventional ground chipbreaker

Scratches on surface due to poor chip control

A total of four new inserts are introduced in this expansion in versatile SH725 grade that is designed for a variety of steel and stainless steel machining. A combination of a dedicated coating layer and tough carbide substrate provides the grade with exceptional reliability and long insert tool life.

Product information
No. 504-G