DrillMeister Expands Its DMC Drill Head Line to Include 20.0-25.5 mm Diameters

Iwaki, June 2020 — Tungaloy has further expanded its DrillMeister, an exchangeable-head drill series by adding DMC-style high-precision drill heads in the 20.0 mm to 25.5 mm diameter range.

Designed to provide long and predictable service life, DrillMeister exchangeable-head drills allow the drill head exchanges to be quick and easy. This provides a significant reduction in tool setup times, easing the burden of pressing cycle time and cost-per-part economy. Due to its capability to swap heads for different workpiece materials and application requirements, job shops can also reduce the number of drills required in inventory and eliminate the need and cost for re-conditioning. DrillMeister allows the drill’s cutting edge to be used in optimal condition at all times, providing longer and more stable tool life when compared with reconditioned solid carbide drills.

In addition, DrillMeister features an innovative drill head-body interlocking that enables easy and secure drill head exchange with the use of a dedicated torque wrench key. Since drill heads can be exchanged without removing the entire drill body from the spindle, setup time is significantly reduced, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch-off of the replaced tool. The drill head-body interface is designed so that it prevents the head from accidentally dropping into the machine while replacing it.

The new additions to the DMC drill heads cover diameters ranging from 20.0 mm to 25.5 mm, further expanding its drilling application range. The DMC drill head has a chisel edge at the tip of the drill head for smooth drill entry, allowing precision deep-holes of up to 12xD to be drilled directly into the materials without relying on pilot holes. In addition, the drill head uses a double-margin geometry that increases drilling straightness, stability, and precision by better controlling drill bending and swelling, thereby eliminating finishing process and improving productivity. Total of 12 new DMC heads are added in this expansion.