New TungHold FC Series Offers Taper and Face Contact for Greater Tool Holder Rigidity

Iwaki, October 2021 — Tungaloy’s TungHold tooling system now offers the FC Series rotating tool holder line that provide simultaneous taper and face contact for greater tool holder rigidity.

The TungHold family of high precision tool holder systems provides a comprehensive range of solutions to interface the machines and cutting tools, allowing customers to use them to their full capability. The family now includes the FC Series of taper-face tool holders with BT spindle connection, as well as CAT connection for the North American market.

Developed for the use on CNC machine tools with Face Contact spindles, the FC Series tool holder makes simultaneous contact between the spindle face and taper. This dual contact system provides additional radial load capabilities thanks to the larger spindle contact surface compared with conventional V-taper tooling that makes taper contact only. With the FC Series tool holder, long-reach cutting tools can perform rough and finish machining at increased feed rates where cutting tool tip TIR is critical for part dimension achievement and machined surface quality, which were problematic with conventional taper contact systems.

The new FC Series covers a range of workpiece-side connections, including BT-/CAT-FCER, ER collet chuck; BT-/CAT-FCEM, side-lock end mill holder; BT-/CAT-FCSRKIN, shrink-fit holder; BT-/CAT-FCMAXIN, power milling chuck; and BT-/CAT-FCFM and BT-/CAT-FCSEM, shell mill arbors. Machine side connections include BT30, BT40, BT50; CAT40, and CAT50. Total of 141 holders have been introduced.

Product Lineup
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-CAT type
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