Solid carbide boring bar for small-diameter turning

Extra-fine cutting edge offers high-precision machining for a wide range of internal applications


Applications & Features

Internal turningInternal groovingInternal threadingFace grooving

1. Strong cutting edge

Optimized geometry and coating surface.

2. Enhanced lineup for a variety of turning operations of small-diameter holes

Full lineup with 146 items of solid carbide boring bars – Minimum boring diameter : øDm = 0.6 mm


3. High precision collet chuck sleeves

Functional TinyMiniTurn sleeves ensure stability in boring of small-diameter holes.

Solid Carbide Boring Bars & Grades

Solid Carbide Boring Bars

TinyMiniTurn for Internal Turning

  • Solid carbide boring bars

TinyMiniTurn for Internal Grooving

  • Solid carbide boring bars

TinyMiniTurn for Internal Threading

  • Solid carbide boring bars


  • P20 – P35 / M20 – M35 / S05 – S15
  • High wear resistance
  • Designed for machining steel, stainless steel, and difficult-to-cut material


TinyMini-Turn Sleeves

Practical examples

Part: Machine part
Material: SCM415
Toolholder: JBTR04090010-D040
Grade: SH730
No. of used Cutting edges: 1
Cutting conditions: Vc = 63 m/min (207 sfm)
f = 0.05 mm/rev (.002 ipr)
ap = 0.5 mm (.02in) x 5 pass
Application: ID turning
Coolant: Wet
Machine: CNC lathe

Standard cutting conditions

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