Round insert and toolholder with the exact indexing system

High performance round insert with 6-indexes suitable for roughing operation for medium to large size workpieces

Applications & Features

External turning

Round insert that guarantees the use of all 6 indexes

  • The cavity on the insert’s bottom and the protrusion on the toolholder enable exact indexing.
  • Index is possible without taking off the screw.
  • Round insert is applicable for roughing at high feed! Max. feed rate : f = 1.0 mm/rev (ap ≤ 2 mm)
  • Cutting performance is equal to that of the conventional tool with flat interface between the toolholder and the insert.

Inserts & Grades


FixRTurn Insert

  • Index numbers are shown on the rake face


  • P10 – P20
  • Well-balanced between wear and chipping resistance
  • First choice for steel
  • High versatility for a wide range of applications


  • P15 – P25
  • First choice for roughing to medium cutting
  • High fracture resistance


  • High fracture resistance
  • Suitable for finishing to medium cutting of steel


External turning

FixRMill Toolholders

Round insert and toolholder with the exact indexing system

Practical examples

Part: Cylinder
Material: SCM435 / 34CrMo4
Toolholder: SRGCL2525M12-6F
Insert: RCMT1204M0-6RM
Grade: T9115
Cutting conditions: Vc = 200 (m/min)
f = 1.0 (mm/rev)
ap = 1.0 (mm)
Application: External turning (continuous)
Coolant: Wet

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