TungMill / TFE12, EFE12


High precision face milling series with lightweight and adjustable pocket bodies

Extremely lightweight facemill series now integrates adjustable pockets for an extra precision on the surface finish

Applications & Features

Face millingCoolant hole

1. Insert density variations

Insert pitch variations allow the best possible tool to be selected for maximum economy in the milling process

2. Cutting performance (Non-ferrous materials)

Surface roughness

Power requirement – AJ breaker

Surface finish quality – AJ breaker

Inserts & Grades


Inserts for TFE/EFE



  • K05 / S05 / N05
  • Uncoated cemented carbide.


  • High wear resistance
  • Designed for non-ferrous metal and nonmetal


Sintered metal

  • Hardest T-CBN
  • Ideal for ferrous sintered metal
  • Suitable for high-speed face milling of cast iron


  • Good balance between wear and fracture resistance
  • Suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, and cast iron under general cutting conditions


  • High fracture resistance
  • Suitable for milling stainless steel


  • High wear resistance
  • Suitable for finishing aluminium


  • High resistance to fracture and thermal crack
  • High-rigidity grade for milling

Cutter bodies

Bore Type

TFE12R (ø63 – 125 mm)

85.5° face mills with screw clamped inserts for aluminum machining

Bore Type with adjustable pockets

TFE12R-A (ø80 – ø125 mm)

85.5° face mills for aluminum machining, with screw clamped inserts and adjustable pockets for axial runout

Shank Type

EFE12R (ø50 mm)

85.5° endmills with screw clamped inserts for aluminum machining

Practical examples

Part: Valve body
Material: ADC12
Cutter: TFE12R125M31.7-10A (.125 mm, z = 10)
Insert: SEGW12X4ZEFR-D
Grade: ADC12
Cutting conditions: Vc = 2,000 (m/min)
fz = 0.06 (mm/t)
Vf = 2,400 (mm/min)
ap = 0.5 (mm)
ae = 100 (mm)
Application: Face milling
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Vertical M/C,BT40
Part: Plate
Material: AC4C-T6
Cutter: TFE12R080M25.4-06A (.80 mm, z = 6)
Insert: SEGW12X4ZEFR-D
Grade: DX140
Cutting conditions: Vc = 1,500 (m/min)
fz = 0.2 (mm/t)
Vf = 7,200 (mm/min)
ap = 2.0 (mm)
ae = 60 (mm)
Application: Face milling
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Vertical M/C、BT40
Part: Pipe exhaust
Material: FCD500
Cutter: TFE12R125M31.7-10A (.125 mm, z = 10)
Insert: 2QP-SECW12X412ZETR
Grade: FCD500
Cutting conditions: Vc = 800 (m/min)
fz = 0.02 (mm/t)
Vf = 407 (mm/min)
ap = 0.4 (mm)
ae = 90 (mm)
Application: Face milling / Interrupted
Coolant: Wet
Machine: Vertical MC

Standard cutting conditions

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