Profile milling cutter for semi-finishing to finishing with double-sided positive insert

DoMini-Mill features the advantage of an economical 6-cornered double-sided insert with positive cutting edges for profile milling of die & mold

Applications & Features

ProfilingPlungingShoulder milling RSlotting RFace milling

1. Multifunctional endmills for profile milling or plunging

2. Double sided with positive edge

• Highly economical insert with 6 cutting edges.

3. High stability

• Dove-tail clamping system maintains the rigidity.

Inserts & Grades



  •  Radius type insert for semi-finishing
  • Corner radius 0.5, 1.0 mm


  • High wear resistance
  • Suitable for finishing steel, cast iron, and difficult-to-cut material

Cutter bodies

Modular Type

HFWX04-M (ø16 – ø25 mm)

Modular type holders for semi-finishing profile milling

Practical examples

Part: Mold
Material: 2738 (28 – 32 HRC)
Cutter: HFWX04M020M10R03 (ø20 mm, z = 3)
Insert: WXHU040310R-MJ
Grade: AH110
Cutting conditions: Vc = 195 (m/min)
fz = 0.16 (mm/t)
Vf = 1500 (mm/min)
ap = 0.25 (mm)
ae = 0.35 (mm)
Application: Profiling
Coolant: Wet (internal, 40bar)
Machine: Vertical M/C
Part: Mold
Material: DIN 1.2344 (50 – 52HRC)
Cutter: HFWX04M025M12R04 (ø25 mm, z = 4)
Insert: WXHU040310R-MJ
Grade: AH110
Cutting conditions: Vc = 274 (m/min)
fz = 0.14 (mm/t)
Vf = 2000 (mm/min)
ap = 0.11 (mm)
ae = – (mm)
Application: Profiling
Coolant: Dry
Machine: Vertical M/C

Standard cutting conditions

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