Tungaloy Further Enhances Reliability of TungMeister Exchangeable Milling Heads

Iwaki, May 2021 — Tungaloy has expanded its TungMeister head-exchangeable end mill series with AH715 and AH735 insert grades, enhancing the series’ slot, square shoulder, and chamfer milling capabilities with increased wear resistance and fracture toughness.

In slot or groove milling processes, chip re-cutting is a common issue, often causing edge chipping and tool breakage. To heighten fracture toughness and wear resistance of TungMeister’s slot milling heads, Tungaloy has added AH735 grade to its VST and VTB head lines. AH735 features the latest PVD coating technology consisting of multilayered structure that is coated on a dedicated tough carbide substrate. Providing long and predictable tool life, the grade makes TungMeister a reliable solution for secure slot and groove milling processes.

In addition, the square shoulder and chamfer milling head lines, including VCP, VCW, and VEE style milling heads, have also been expanded with AH715 grade, providing them with wear resistance improvement.

TungMeister’s unique “no setup time” feature can significantly minimize machine downtime. As it takes no more than one minute for tool exchange, setup time can significantly be reduced to as short as one tenth of the time it would typically take to replace solid carbide end mills. With over 13,000 possible head-shank combinations available, TungMeister provides tooling flexibility that enables users to find a solution for almost every application.

Total of eight milling heads have been added in this expansion.

Product information
No. 381S4-G (Metric)