Tungaloy’s New TungForceFeed Expands Productivity for Small Diameter High Feed Milling

Iwaki, November 2018 – Tungaloy introduces TungForceFeed, a line of indexable small diameter high feed milling cutters.

Offered in cutter diameters ranging from ø8 mm to ø16 mm (ø0.375″ – ø0.625″), TungForceFeed allows high feed milling at depths of cut up to 0.5 mm or 0.02″. The new cutter ensures high productivity as well as economy in profiling die and mold parts over conventional solid end mills and indexable tools of similar size.

The TungForceFeed insert is designed to reduce cutting forces and evacuate chips efficiently thanks to its optimized large positive rake and inclination angles on the cutting edge. This geometry, combined with the closer-pitched cutter bodies, allows TungForceFeed to be used in a broader application range compared with conventional tools, while ensuring high machining efficiency. The thick insert corner enhances its capability to withstand heavy loads during milling, preventing insert fracture and possible cutter body damage subsequent to insert breakage. The screw size is larger than that of conventional indexable tools of the same size, and the high strength screw clamping holds the insert securely in place.

2 insert grades are available to address the machining needs of various materials: AH3225, a latest coating grade for steel and stainless steel and AH8015 for cast iron and hard and difficult materials. The cutter body is available in a shank or modular type. The shank type is offered in either short neck or long neck style depending on machining depths.


  • At a Glance
    • High rigidity and stability
    • Wide application range and more teeth per diameter for increased efficiency
    • Enhanced tool lineup for various machining needs