TungAluMill’s New XVCT-AM Inserts Improve Efficiency in Aluminum Machining

Iwaki, November 2023— Tungaloy has introduced ten new XVCT-AM square shoulder milling inserts to expand its TungAluMill line designed specifically for non-ferrous applications.

TungAluMill is intended for efficient machining of aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous materials at high speed rates. The tool is designed to eliminate radial insert displacement caused by heavy cutting forces and strong centrifugal forces during high-speed rotation of the cutter, which is essential for efficient machining of aluminum parts. Additionally, the insert’s top and peripheral surfaces are ground and polished to a mirror-like finish, resulting in high-positive and sharp cutting edges that ensure soft cutting action, good surface finishing quality, and prevention of built-up edge formation on the cutting edge.

Built on the proven features of the conventional XVCT-AJ inserts, the new XVCT-AM inserts introduce an enhanced interface design. This design improves insert retention during high-speed machining while reducing raw material usage for insert production, all without compromising superior cutting performance.

Product information
No. 429S1-G (Metric)