Tungaloy Expands Its TungTri Square Shoulder Mill with New Insert Options

Iwaki, October 2020 — Tungaloy has expanded the square shoulder milling capabilities of its Tung-Tri series by adding two new insert geometries: MJ geometry in E-tolerance for high precision machining and AJ geometry for non-ferrous applications, both in a cost-efficient 3-edged insert shape.

Tung-Tri square shoulder milling cutters provide maximum economy and productivity without compromising process security during demanding operations. Designed with large rake and inclination angles on the cutting edge, the 3-edged insert drastically reduces cutting forces, while a dual-relief feature on the insert flank provides the cutting edge with strength and sharpness. In addition, its variable-pitch cutter design significantly reduces harmonic vibration which typically occurs when using cutters with equally spaced inserts.

Currently, MJ geometry is offered in pressed-to-size M-tolerance that provides cost efficiency in rough and semi-finish shouldering applications with excellent wall straightness. The geometry will now include ground-to-precision E-tolerance inserts to provide top-quality wall straightness and tool economy, allowing Tung-Tri to be used in finish shouldering processes as well. Ground to E-tolerance precision, the MJ inserts provide the closest axial and radial runouts, while providing a true 90-degree wall angle to the workpiece. The insert is designed with optimized main cutting edge and built-in wiper to provide superior surface quality. New insert sizes include: TOET060302PDER-MJ, TOET100408PDER-MJ and TOET150608PDER-MJ in AH3135 grade.

AJ geometry is developed to provide mirror-finish surface on aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous materials during shoulder milling as the insert rake and flank surfaces are ground and aero-lap polished to eliminate chip build-up on the cutting edge. Newly added are TOGT0603xxPDFR-AJ and TOGT1506xxPDFR-AJ inserts in uncoated KS05F grade to the existing TOGT10 insert.

The two new inserts are suitable for large demands in a wide variety of industry segments, including general engineering, die and mold, automotive, ship building, heavy equipment, and power generation.

Product information:
No. 421S1-G (Metric)