Tungaloy to Expand its Counterboring Tool Line to Include Multifunctional Cutter Diameters Ranging from 10 mm to 16 mm

Iwaki, December 2017 – Tungaloy announced today that its “TCB” counterboring tool series now includes a 10–16 mm-diameter range lineup.

The TCB series was originally developed to countersink for JIS-designated cap screws, thus offering limited tool diameters in the standard lineup. The boring market, however, is diverse; manufacturing shops had to resort to endmills or tailor-made boring tools for hole enlargements and better hole qualities, despite their low productivity or overdue lead times for tailored tools. Driven by these market needs, Tungaloy is further expanding its offerings to include new tool diameter lines, ranging from 10 mm to 16 mm in the standard line.

Thanks to a two-insert design, TCB can increase machining efficiency by more than double in counterboring operations, in comparison to single-edged, adjustable boring tools. Hole diameter enlargement will also be effective, compared with when helical interpolation is used with a shoulder cutter or endmill.  This new diameter addition makes TCB an even more convenient, ready-made tool for almost any bore diameters required. TCB not only removes the necessity for tool adjustments or interpolation programming but also streamlines your machining process.

The newly expanded TCB series is multipurpose, suitable for any boring or hole enlargement applications as well as for I.D. turning in lathe machines; it is no longer just a counterboring tool for JIS cap screws.


  • At a glance:
    • Tool diameter range to be added: 10.0 mm – 16.0 mm, available in the increments of 1.0 mm
    • Extensive, off-the-shelf tool for counterboring and more
    • High performing, two-insert counterboring tool


  • Total items to be added: 8 items