High Precision Internal Boring Made Easy with Tungaloy’s SwissBore System

Iwaki, October 2018 – Tungaloy is introducing SwissBore, a fine internal boring tool system that makes high precision adjustments of tool diameters simple and easy on CNC machining centers and multi-tasking machines.

Surging demands for higher precision components are challenging manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, and die and mold sectors to seek boring methods with maximum precision. SwissBore will do just that.

This new fine boring system incorporates a high precision, easy-to-use digital display unit that features a direct measurement system with no backlash, allowing 0.001 mm or 0.00004” accuracy in diameter.

SwissBore is a quick-change modular tool system capable of integrating an array of tool interfaces, including boring heads in diameters, ranging from ø9.75 mm to ø2205 mm; master shanks for various standard interfaces; extensions and reduced shanks for deep-hole boring applications, allowing this new system to be applied in a wide range of high precision internal boring operations.


  • At a Glance:
    • High precision boring head in 0.001 mm accuracy
    • Easy-to-use, clear digital display unit docked on the tool with magnetic force allowing simple tool diameter adjustments on machines
    • Accurate direct measurement system with no backlash
    • Internal coolant supply system for improved chip evacuation


  • Total of 58 items to be introduced