Tungaloy to expand SolidMeister, the series of solid carbide endmills

November 2017, Iwaki – Tungaloy is expanding the lineup of SolidMeister, the series of solid carbide endmills.

In many industries, parts are being miniaturized or given complex shapes, and various materials, including heat-resistant alloy, are used for the parts. Thus, solid carbide endmills are widely used, and many types of the products are in the market.

SolidMeister is suitable for a wide variety of applications and includes standard endmills, such as square endmills and ball endmills, as well as ShredMeister for roughing; FinishMeister providing both the performance of roughing endmills and the surface quality of square endmills; VariableMeister with excellent anti-chattering performance; FeedMeister for low depth of cut at high feed; and ECOMeister.

Responding to the market demand for higher efficiency, we are greatly expanding VariableMeister that is suitable for high depth of cut, large width of cut, and machining with long overhang. Especially by adding close-pitch items for high efficiency and tool shapes specially designed for titanium alloy and aluminum alloy, the highly efficient endmilling ability will be delivered to each application.

  •  At-a-glance
    • TEC-H4S/M-CF: Endmill with excellent anti-chattering performance provides highly efficient machining.
    • TEFS-E44-CF: Endmill for both roughing and finishing reduces the number of processes.
    • TECK-H4M-CFR: High-performance endmill specialized for titanium alloy.
    • TEC-H7-CF: High-efficiency endmill with 7 cutting edges delivers excellent anti-chattering performance.
  • Total items to be added: 305 items