BXA10 CBN Inserts Offer HP Chipbreaker to Boost Productivity in Hard Part Finishing

Iwaki, June 2020 — Tungaloy has announced that its line of coated CBN grade inserts, BXA10, now includes HP style chipbreaker geometry to provide reliable chip control during finish turning of hardened steel parts.

Featuring a multilayer PVD coating composed of thermally stable Ti(C,N) layers and (Al,Ti)N layers which provide good adhesion with a dedicated CBN substrate, BXA10 has been developed to provide exceptional tool life performance in high speed continuous cuts. This latest development will provide improved productivity, tool life, and surface integrity in continuous to light interrupted cuts at high cutting speeds of drive shafts, gears, and other case hardened or induction hardened steel parts common in automotive industries.

A comprehensive range of new BXA10 inserts offers 308 items in a broad range of sizes, geometries, and nose radii in a range from 0.1 to 2.4 mm. Cutting edge preparations are available in five different standard options: -L, -LF, -LC, and –H in addition to the standard 0.13×25° profile, optimizing insert applications for all hard turning needs including those that require specific attention such as burr elimination or edge toughness.

HP style chipbreaker is designed to optimize chip control at up to 0.2 mm (.008″) depth of cut, typical range in finish hard turning applications. Undesirable chips entangling on the workpiece or long stringy chips piling at the bottom of the machine tools will no longer be an issue. The light cutting geometry of the HP chipbreaker reduces the cutting load, eliminating chatter or poor workpiece surface finish. The inserts are also available with a built-in wiper where better surface integrity is required. Total of 30 inserts are introduced in this offer.