Tungaloy’s New TungEight-Mill Light Cutting Face Mill Increases Productivity in Low HP Machines

Iwaki, December 2019 — Tungaloy unveils TungEight-Mill face milling cutter for extremely light cutting with low power consumption.

TungEight-Mill incorporates single-sided positive inserts with economical 8 cutting edges for heavy roughing to mirror finishing of various material faces. The cutter is designed to provide light cutting action suitable for weak fixtures and low horsepower machines with a BT-30 connection. A high positive rake angle of the insert and its optimal orientation on the cutter contributes to forming a helical shaped chip, allowing smooth chip evacuation and application security. The feature is particularly effective when machining low carbon steel and stainless steel with chip breaking difficulty and tendency to smear.

The TungEight-Mill inserts are offered in either a pressed-to-size or fully ground format with a special dual-relief feature that increases cutting edge toughness for fracture resistance. Versatile MM geometry is available with economical 8 cutting edges, while MW geometry is a dedicated wiper insert with 4 true wiper edges. Two insert grades are available: AH3135 for steel and stainless steel and AH120 for cast iron.

The insert pocket interface of the cutter body is designed so the operator can index without having to remove the clamping screw completely from the pocket, eliminating concerns for screws misplacement or loss. The cutter body is available in a shell mill (bore) type with a diameter range from 50 mm to 160 mm or from 2.0″ to 6.0″.

  • At a Glance
    • Provides light cutting action perfect for use on low rigidity and low hp machines
    • Generates chips in an ideal helical form, ensuring smooth chip evacuation when machining smearing stainless steel
    • Dual-relief inserts with increased cutting edge toughness for fracture resistance
    • Versatile MM geometry with economical 8 cutting edges and MW geometry with 4 cutting edge with built-in wipers
    • 10 new cutter bodies in metric sizes and 6 imperials; 6 new inserts to be introduced