New -JP Chipbreaker Enhances Fine Finish Turning Capability in Swiss Lathes

Iwaki, October 2022—Tungaloy has added fifteen -JP chipbreaker inserts to its ISO fine finish turning insert line for small parts machining.

Finish turning small parts is nothing new for many machine shops, and Tungaloy has been addressing these applications with the proven -JS style chipbreaker inserts for superior part quality. However, industries like electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical are pushing the envelope: fine finishing applications requiring extremely light depths of cut (D.O.C.) of no more than 0.5 millimeter (.020 inch) are calling for more stable and more effective chip breaking to achieve higher part precisions required.

New -JP chipbreaker is designed to ensure excellent chip breaking and control in the fine finish turning application range. Integrating a chip redirector on the rake face that extends extremely close to the tip of the nose radius, the new chipbreaker perfectly controls the chip flow and generates consistent chip forms and sizes when being operated at 0.1 millimeter or smaller D.O.C., while eliminating chip nesting on the workpiece.

In addition, since the parts machined in Swiss lathes are small and do not require much cutting forces, it is a common practice to use a single turning tool for varying D.O.C. usually of up to one or two millimeters (.040 or .079 inches). The -JP chipbreaker flexibly controls chips in such variable conditions: generated chips are smoothly removed with a strong inclination on the cutting edge and effectively redirected out of the cutting area with the multi-angled facets on the chip redirector.

The new inserts are available in SH725 grade, the latest PVD coating technology that adheres well on the sharp cutting edge. This provides the grade with exceptional edge line security and long tool life.

Complementing the preexisting -JS chipbreaker inserts, the new versatile -JP chipbreaker guarantees stable chip control and long tool life over a wide range of applications from fine finish to aggressive D.O.C. in all small-part turning applications.

Product information
No. 436S1-G (Metric)