AddInternalCut to Include Grooving Inserts for Industry-Standard Circlip Groove Profiles from 0.5 mm

Iwaki, December 2022—Tungaloy has expanded its AddInternalCut indexable internal grooving tool system by increased insert width options.

AddInternalCut internal grooving tool line features ground-to-precision inserts with four economical cutting edges. Unique and strong insert holding system provides tool rigidity and smooth chip evacuation, ensuring superior edge repeatability and precision machining.

The insert is clamped in the seat so that, in case the cutting edge is broken during machining, the remaining un-used cutting edges are protected, allowing all four edges to be effectively used. Being supported at three points when clamped in the seat, the insert provides accurate insert position repeatability and stable performance even in high speed and feed rate conditions. Furthermore, the insert is double sided and can be mounted on either a right- or left-hand toolholder, allowing easy inventory management.

AddInternalCut inserts are available in two sizes: TCIG10 insert is for internal grooving of minimum bore diameter of 10.5 millimeters (.413 inches) and up. TCIG12 allows a maximum groove depth (CDX) of 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches).

The newly introduced AddInternalCut grooving inserts are capable of cutting extremely thin internal grooves of 0.5 millimeters (.020 inches), as well as groove widths from 1.22 to 2.77 millimeters (from .048 to .109 inches), covering industry-standard groove profiles such as circlips and o rings.

Product information
No. 544S2-G (Metric)