New Lineup Enhances Tungaloy’s High Feed Milling Capability in Difficult Materials

Iwaki, December 2019 — Tungaloy’s unveiling a new MillQuad-Feed line of high-feed milling cutters for advanced performance.

MillQuadFeed now offers two different sizes of inserts to fit the same cutter body for different entry angles. Optimum entry angles ensure maximum high-feed milling capabilities in respective applications.

The new general purpose SWMT****ZER insert incorporates an MM style chip former with sharp cutting edges to provide impressive free cutting action for process security at higher feed rates. SWMT1506ZER inserts with an MT chip former will allow high feed milling at a greater depth of cut of up to 2.5 mm or 0.1″ on powerful milling machines.

The SWMT****UER insert is the other new insert geometry with a smaller entry angle, which is most suited for machining difficult materials or in a long reach setup. The small entry angle of the milling cutter produces thin chips during machining, reducing the cutting load and thermal buildup on the cutting edge. This feature provides long insert life and makes it most suitable for machining stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials. Process security is also ensured when machining long reach areas with reduced vibrations while maintaining high feed rates.

The new inserts are available in SWMT0904 and SWMT1506 sizes, while the cutter bodies are available in a diameter range from 25 mm to 160 mm or from 1.0″ to 6.3″.

At a Glance:

  • Two choices of entry angles to choose from for one cutter
  • Variety of inserts to best match your materials and machine powers
  • 4 inserts and 6 cutter bodies to be introduced in both metric and imperial sizes