Expanded Offerings of DrillMeister’s DMP, DMF, and DMC Drill Head Lineups

Iwaki, June 2022—Tungaloy has announced the further expansion of DrillMeister exchangeable head drill system that includes 85 new drill heads in total of DMP, DMC, and DMF drill heads in wear-resistant AH9130 grade.

DrillMeister is an innovative exchangeable head drill system that has both the efficiency of solid carbide drills and the productivity of indexable drills. The latest developments include the expansion of DMP drill head line. Its 6.0 to 9.9 millimeter (from .236 inches to .390 inches) diameter range has been expanded with AH9130 grade, making all standard DMP drill heads in the 6.0 to 25.9 millimeter diameter range available in 0.1 millimeter (.004 inch) increments in wear-resistant AH9130 grade, as well as existing general-purpose AH725.

Featuring a unique self-centering edge geometry, the DMC drill head facilitates quick penetration into materials, allowing high precision and stable drilling without the need for a pilot hole for up to 12xD drilling depths. This expansion has enhanced the DMC drill head line in the 20.0 to 25.9 millimeter (the .787 to 1.020 inch) diameter range. New drill heads have been added for the previously unavailable diameters in this range, making the 5.0 to 25.9 millimeter (from .197 to 1.020 inches) drill head range available in 0.1 millimeter (.004 inch) increments.

DMF counterboring drill head line has also been expanded with additional diameters. DMF features a 180 degree flat cutting edge and conical center point, which acts as a pilot to provide accurate hole positioning and straightness for hole depths of up to 8xD without the need for a pilot hole. This expansion has added 14 new drill heads to the diameters ranging from 10.0 to 19.9 millimeters (from .394 to .783 inches).

Product information
No. 412S7-G (Metric)