Tungaloy Expands on DrillForceMeister 8xD Drill Bodies

Iwaki, August 2023— DrillForceMeister exchangeable-head drill line is now offering 8xD drill bodies in diameters ranging from 20 to 25.9 millimeters, expanding the capability of the standard 8xD drill body line to the fullest for the 20 to 41 millimeter hole range.

DrillForceMeister incorporates a unique head-shank coupling interface that provides exceptional reliability when drilling relatively large diameter holes from 20 to 41 millimeters. When clamped, the drill head interlocks with the shank at larger contact areas, promoting high hole precisions and qualities. The drill heads come in two geometry options, making drilling operations on inclined or curved surfaces or on thin walls susceptible to vibration easier and more efficient.

The addition of the 20 to 25.9 millimeter drill diameter range completes the 8xD drill body line, allowing DrillForceMeister’s to address the 20-41 millimeter drill diameter range in all three drill body lines with standard offerings. Furthermore, these new drill bodies feature a coolant connection port provided on the shank end with Rc ¼” taper pipe threads. This feature greatly simplifies the connection of the coolant hose, enabling seamless delivery of internal coolant during lathe drilling operations.

From industries like automotive, die mold, to the power generation sector, DrillForceMeister continues to drive enhanced productivity gains in drilling operations for medium- to large-sized holes across various components.

Product information
No. 509S4-G (Metric)