Tungaloy’s T-CBN Gives New Angles to Hard Turning

Iwaki, May 2021 — Tungaloy has introduced two new insert shapes to its T-CBN series for turning hardened steel parts: YNGA insert with 25° nose angle and FNGA with 45° nose angle.

Conventional V- and D-shaped inserts are often used for undercutting or V grooving applications; however, when it comes to machining complex surfaces, these inserts can pose the risk of interferences with the workpiece surfaces and poor chip control because of the insert’s little side clearances. Additionally, standard CBN-tipped inserts usually have a very small CBN cutting edge, and when used for pulling cuts during finish machining, the CBN cutting edge length falls short, resulting in insert damage and short tool life.

New 2QP-YNGA insert features a two-edged, double-sided negative geometry in the shape of VNGA insert only with a 25° nose angle, instead of 35°. Having the extra 5° on the side and end cutting angles reduces the risk of interferences with the workpiece surfaces, facilitating undercutting and V grooving processes that were challenging with conventional V inserts. Standard VNxA turning toolholders can be used with the new insert as it incorporates a 35° nose angle on the other insert end that is designed to fit the standard seat.

The new 2QP-FNGA insert is designed with a 45° nose angle, instead of the 55° of the D- shaped insert. The extra 5° angles provide the insert with additional clearances between the insert flank and worked surface, allowing smooth chip evacuation and reduced insert damage during pulling cut process. Standard DNxA turning toolholder can be used as well for this insert because of the 55° nose angle on the other end.

39 new inserts have been added in this expansion in BXA20 grade for customers seeking productivity and profitability boosts for finish machining of hardened steel parts with no additional toolholder investments.

Product information
No. 510S1-G (Metric)