BoreMeister Exchangeable Head Boring Bars Includes 44 New Cutting Heads

Iwaki, August 2021 —Tungaloy has expanded its BoreMeister exchangeable boring heads by adding 44 new cutting heads to its line.

BoreMeister is a modular style ID turning tool system that consists of various styles of exchangeable cutting heads that carry different types of insert geometries, enabling numerous tool combinations. The dampener built inside the tool body counter-vibrates and effectively suppresses unwanted vibrations, enabling deep ID machining application of up to 10xD. The system also offers general-purpose boring bars with solid steel shanks, as well as with a PSC connection.

New exchangeable cutting heads offer 40 cutting heads for ID turning applications which allow the use of Tungaloy’s high performance turning insert series, including: unique MiniForce-Turn inserts featuring double-sided positive geometry that provide light cutting force and process security; ISO-EcoTurn down-sized inserts that ensures cost efficiency with no compromise for performance; and multi-functional TungBore-Mini’s XOMU05 insert that ensures a minimum number of tools for maximum productivity. Furthermore, turning heads for STFPR/L style screw-clamp holder have been added as well to carry a TPxx positive triangular insert, most popular insert for ID turning applications.

Four internal threading heads have also been added, allowing BoreMeister to use size 16IR TungThread laydown threading inserts for deep hole threading applications.

Product information
No. 517S3-G (Metric)