AH8015 Grade Boosts Productivity for Thread Turning Operations

Iwaki, April 2022 — Tungaloy has enhanced its ST-style laydown thread turning insert line of the TungThread series by adding AH8015 PVD grade option.

The TungThread series offers a broad range of thread turning inserts and tools, covering applications from general threading on CNC lathes and fine threading of precision parts machined on Swiss-type lathes to high-precision premium threads of OCTG pipe connections.

A core product line of TungThread insert series, ST-style laydown inserts now include 107 new inserts in AH8015 grade.

AH8015 is a proven PVD-coated grade that provides the inserts with an excellent combination of wear and edge chipping resistance during machining. The grade also boasts versatility, perfect for threading not only steel and stainless steel but also exotic materials. The new AH8015 laydown inserts are available for 60° and 55° partial profiles, ISO metric full profile, Unified thread profile, and JIS tapered pipe thread (identical to BSPT) profiles.

Product information
No. 375-G (Metric)