AddMultiTurn Multi-Directional Turning Tool Offers Positive Inserts

Iwaki, April 2022 — Tungaloy’s AddMultiTurn – the latest innovation that enables multi-directional turning – now includes 3C-TCMT..-TM single-sided positive inserts.

AddMultiTurn is a totally new turning tool concept that enables a single tool to perform high-feed forward and back turning, facing, and profiling in all directions. This multi-directional turning method optimizes the toolpaths by eliminating air cutting times, providing more productivity than conventional turning methods. Also, the AddMultiTurn insert forms a much smaller entry angle relative to the workpiece surface to create thinner chips for higher machining efficiency, which spreads load and heat over a longer cutting edge length, providing extended insert tool life.

This expansion adds three new 3C-TCMT..-TM single-sided positive inserts to the line. In back (pull) turning applications, these new inserts can boost productivity by 300 to 400% over conventional ISO turning inserts. Since the insert can cut in multiple directions, they do not require a tool change when switching from back turning to traditional forward turning in all semi-finishing and roughing applications.

AddMultiTurn features unique Y-PRISM safe lock design. This provides a rail on the shim and matching slots on the insert that ensure tight interlocking and secure clamping of the insert during high productive multi-directional turning. The through-coolant toolholders direct coolant jets extremely close to the cutting point to ensure tool life stability and effective chip control, particularly, during back turning.

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