AddInternalCut Expands Its Insert Lineup for Extended Application Coverage

Iwaki, June 2022—Tungaloy has expanded its AddInternalCut groove turning tool series to include new TCIG12 inserts as well as additional TCIG10 inserts that allow a maximum groove width of 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches) in bores as small as 10.5 millimeter (.413 inch) diameter.

AddInternalCut features uniquely designed economical inserts with four ground-to-precision cutting edges that can produce internal grooves in small bores of 10.5 millimeter (.413 inch) diameter and larger.

Using an indexable insert for internal grooving is limited by bore diameter. Conventional internal grooving inserts, therefore, have a single cutting edge or double at best.

AddInternalCut carries ground-to-precision inserts with four cutting edges to economically perform demanding internal grooving operations. The toolholders provide secure insert clamping, ensuring tool stability and smooth chip evacuation during machining.

The new TCIG12 inserts and toolholders enable a maximum radial depth of cut of 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches) and groove widths ranging from 1.5 millimeters (.059 inches) to 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches) in a minimum bore diameter of 13 millimeters (.512 inches). In addition, the successful TCIG10 insert line now includes 3.0 millimeter-wide inserts and are mounted on existing toolholders, eliminating the need for additional tool investments.

All TCIG inserts have ground-to-precision sharp cutting edges that provide reduced cutting forces during machining. Using these high precision inserts with toolholders with secure insert retention mechanism will ensure chatter-free stability and reliability in challenging internal grooving operations of miniature parts.

Product information
No. 544S1-G (Metric)