Feed the Speed of Grooving and Parting Processes with TungFeed-Blade

Iwaki, March 2021 — Tungaloy’s TungCut series of grooving and parting tools now offers TungFeed-Blade, an extremely rigid modular blade series for grooving and parting applications.

TungCut is a multifunctional grooving and parting line, offering a wide range of insert and toolholder variations that provide customers with maximum performance in OD/ID grooving, face grooving, groove turning, and parting operations. With strong and reliable insert clamping, TungCut guarantees minimum tool chatter, while providing maximum precision and tool life during heavy duty grooving such as groove turning.

Tungaloy’s latest grooving and parting tool system, TungFeed-Blade consists of a triangular CHGP style modular blade with three insert pockets which holds a CHTBR/L robust style tool block. The modular blade incorporates an insert support design that provides vibration-free grooving and parting. The unique triangular blade configuration has three insert pockets allowing the blade to be rotated to a new pocket up to three times without setup. This saves tool costs and setup time for customers. TungFeed-Blade guarantees productivity boosts with 30-50% higher feed rates especially when using with existing DGM and SGM grooving inserts. The robust CHTBR/L tool block provides multiple face contact supports when mounted on the turret or adapter, allowing extremely high feed operations, while maintaining extra stability.

The modular blades are available for 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, and 4.0 mm (.079″, .118″, and .157″) grooves. The system is designed for parting applications ranges of up to ø52 mm and ø82 mm (ø2 1/16″ and ø3 ¼″) bar diameters.

Intended for high feed grooving and parting, the TungFeed-Blade system extends insert life, improves surface finish, and part straightness, while significantly reducing cycle time.

Total of 12 blades and holder blocks are introduced.

Product information
No. 391S3-G (Metric)