TCB Indexable Counterboring Tool Offers AH6225 Grade Inserts

Iwaki, March 2023?Tungaloy has added AH6225 grade inserts to its TCB indexable counterboring tool line.

TCB is an indexable multifunctional counterboring tool line that is designed to be used on a variety of turning machines from traditional lathes to the latest cnc machining centers. The tool bodies are available for cutting diameters from 10 millimeters (.394 inches) to 59 millimeters (2.323 inches), allowing a range of counterbore diameters for cap bolts and nuts, as well as the expansions of existing hole diameters. The cutter bodies come in two styles depending on the intended cutting diameters: a mono block style is designed for machining from 10 to 43 millimeter diameter bores, while the cutters with exchangeable cartridges are for 26 (1.024) to 59 millimeter (2.323 inch) diameters. The exchangeable cartridges can fine-adjust the cutting diameters in 0.1 millimeter (.004 inch) increments simply by placing the adjusting shim plates, which are sold separately, between the cartridge and the pocket.

TCB now offers AH6225 grade inserts. This latest physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated grade features a high-hardness titanium-rich PVD coating, combined with a tough dedicated carbide substrate. Extremely reliable and versatile insert grade, AH6225 allows TCB to efficiently cut bores in all material groups, including steel, stainless steel, and exotic materials.

Product information
No. 512-G (Metric)