Tungaloy Expands DoMultiRec’s Multifunctional Machining Capability

Iwaki, January 2023—Tungaloy has expanded its DoMultiRec multifunctional milling/drilling tool line by adding three additional diameter options of modular cutting heads and two new inserts with nose radius variations.

DoMultiRec multifunctional milling cutter with center cutting capability enables a single tool to perform multiple milling operations, including shouldering, pocketing, and drilling. A uniquely designed insert integrates a center and peripheral cutting edge on one side of the insert, and, since the insert is double sided, the same insert can be used either for the center or peripheral position for up to four indexings, front and back. This doubles the cost-per-edge economy when compared with conventional plunge milling cutters using single-sided inserts. Furthermore, the insert features -MM geometry that is developed specifically for the DoMultiRec inserts to ensure strong and sharp cutting edges during various milling and drilling operations.

The inserts are optimally arranged on the cutter so that they create a near-flat surface of the hole bottoms when drilling blind holes.

New modular cutting heads are available in 17 mm (.669″), 21 mm (.827″), and 26 mm (1.024″) diameters. When these cutting heads are coupled with the holders, respectively, with 16, 20, and 25 mm diameter shanks, they provide a clearance between the tool and the workpiece shoulder, allowing the tool to machine extremely close to the shoulder without the concern for tool collision.

Two new LXMU10T304PER-MM and LXMU120404PER-MM inserts have 0.4 mm (.016″) nose radii. They are especially effective when machining the shoulders requiring a corner radius of 0.5 mm (.020″) or smaller.

Product information
No. 548S1-G (Metric)