TungCut’s New Brazed CBN Grooving Inserts with 3D Chipbreaker Improves Productivity

Iwaki, January 2024 — Tungaloy has expanded its TungCut multifunctional grooving and parting tool series by introducing four new STX inserts that feature a brazed CBN cutting edge with a uniquely-designed 3D chipbreaker formed on the rake face.

A multifunctional grooving and parting-off series, TungCut offers a variety of inserts and toolholders that provides users with optimal performance in O.D./I.D. grooving, face grooving, groove turning, and parting operations. With strong and reliable insert clamping, TungCut guarantees minimum tool chatter, while providing maximum precision and predictable tool life during aggressive grooving operations such as groove turning.

The new STX grooving insert features a CBN cutting edge and unique 3D chipbreaker, making the tool a productive solution for cutting grooves on hardened steel parts. Formed with a state-of-the-art ablating technology, the 3D chipbreaker promotes excellent chip control and evacuation during finish profiling of grooves, which typically requires a depth of cut not greater than 0.5 mm. This eliminates costly machine downtime with effective chip control, while maximizing productivity.

The inserts are offered in Grade BX360, an uncoated CBN grade with a good combination of wear and fracture resistance. Furthermore, the WavyJoint technology further enhances the bondage between the CBN tip and carbide insert body, ensuring reliability and tool life longevity during challenging hard part turning.

Product information
No. 391S9-G (Metric)
TungCut / TungShortCut