New TinyInternalCut Indexable Tool Enables Internal Grooving in Holes as Small as 5 mm

Iwaki, April 2024— Meet TinyInternalCut: your newest first choice for small-diameter internal turning operations.

TinyInternalCut is an optimal indexable solution for all small diameter turning applications, including grooving, threading, profiling of bores as small as 5.0 mm (.197″) in diameter. The tool consists of unique inserts and dedicated tool bodies with an innovative screw-on interlocking system. This sustains reliably cutting forces and ensures insert clamping security during machining, providing stability in grooving, threading, and profiling operations, while achieving excellent edge positioning accuracy.

The inserts are available for three applications: grooving inserts with cutting widths (CW) of 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 mm (.039″, .059″, or .079″); profiling inserts with a full radius; and inserts for threading, featuring a thread angle of 60° and covering a pitch range from 0.5 to 1.5 mm. These inserts are available in the latest PVD-coated grade, SH7025, providing excellent surface quality and ensuring stable, long tool life.

The dedicated tool holders are offered in either a steel or tungsten carbide shank that caters to hole depths of up to 18 mm (.709″). Both shanks are through coolant that directs cutting fluid accurately to the cutting edge to promote excellent chip evacuation. Furthermore, when combined with the TinyMiniTurn JBBS-4N tool sleeve, which features four peripheral coolant holes on the periphery, even more cutting fluid can be supplied in close proximity to the cutting area.

TinyInternalCut offers an indexable solution for internal grooving, threading, and profiling in the 5.0 to 8.0 mm (.197″ to .315”) diameter range, where solid carbide tools were previously common. This solution reduces the cost per part and minimizes tool changeover time, thereby enhancing machining efficiency and productivity.

Product information
No. 564-G (Metric)