Tungaloy Expands Range of WavyJoint CBN Inserts

Iwaki, February 2021 ― Tungaloy has announced a major expansion of its WavyJoint CBN insert series with additional grade and geometries, increasing the current standard range more than eight times. 

The WavyJoint CBN insert features an innovative brazing technology: it uses the CBN tip mass of up to 2x that of traditional CBN inserts and large bonding surfaces that is 160% as large as the conventional style. These features provide increased thermal conductivity and helps to reduce the temperature at the cutting point during deep and dry cutting. Empowered brazing strength also eliminates de-brazing of the CBN tips, improving process security during hard turning with prolonged tool life. 

The expansion includes insert additions to the CNGA1204, DNGA1504,SNGA1204, TNGA1604, VNGA1604, and WNGA0804 lines with an array of nose radii, edge preparations, and wiper capability choices. The new inserts are available in BXA10 grade, as well as existing BXA20, providing the CBN inserts with exceptionally long tool life during high speed continuous cutting of hard parts.  

 Also offered in the WavyJoint style are MiniForce-Turn double-sided positive geometry WXGQ0403 inserts. Available in six-edged inserts, MiniForce-Turn makes it an economical option, in addition to an effective finishing insert, for customers in mass production of the same parts. 

Product information
No. 515S1-G