Tungaloy Introduces TungRec11 PCD Inserts for Productive Non-Ferrous Machining

Iwaki, September 2021 — Tungaloy has introduced PCD-tipped milling inserts in nose radius of 0.2 and 0.4 mm (.008″ and .016″) for use with its TungRec 11 square shoulder milling cutters.

TungRec 11 is a highly versatile square shoulder milling cutter that can create clean perpendicular walls and eliminate secondary processes. In addition to existing coated and uncoated carbide grades, the cutter’s new PCD-tipped inserts produce unparalleled surface quality in finish machining applications, providing a productive solution for non-ferrous applications.

Optimized for free cutting action, the insert’s PCD cutting edge geometry has been designed to provide lower cutting forces than any of the existed PCD-tipped shoulder milling inserts, while producing a perpendicular shoulder with outstanding quality.

PCD-tipped inserts enable high speed milling of non-ferrous materials and still provide extremely long tool life in abrasive high-silicone-content aluminum alloys. The inserts are offered in DX110, a submicron grain sized PCD grade, that maintains a sharp cutting edge to produce superior mirror-like surface finishes.

The addition of the new PCD inserts complements Tungaloy’s extensive line of PCD milling products for non-ferrous materials: TungRec 11 can now address the application range involving 50 mm (2″) diameter cutters, while TungSpeed-Mill, another high productive PCD face milling cutter series encompassing high density design, covers the range using 50 mm (2″) diameter cutter and up.

The TungRec 11 series —
TungRec 11 square shoulder milling cutter offers uniquely designed inserts with helical cutting edges and large rake angle. These features provide low cutting forces and reduced impact when entering the cut, allowing stable and precise machining. Coated and uncoated carbide inserts are available in various geometry styles, including MJ for general purpose applications, MS for stainless steel, HJ for high feed milling, and uncoated AJ, along with new DX110 PCD-tipped inserts, for non-ferrous applications.

Product information
No. 380S2-G (Metric)